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We are delighted to offer CBD wholesale options here at CBD and Hemp Emporium.  Whether you’re planning on selling retail or just want to stock up on high-quality hemp products, wholesale CBD can be an excellent option and with CBD and Hemp Emporium, wholesale couldn’t be easier.




Our premium wholesale CBD oil is raw with no additives or preservatives.  We use a highly rated organic cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil as our carrier oil. Our CBD products are made with only the best Colorado-grown premium Hemp Flower. Our  Hemp Flower is lab tested for quality and purity.  We are a  fully transparent company and we can ensure you’re providing your customers with the highest quality CBD oil and products.



We are currently offering CBD Tinctures and CBD Salve at wholesale prices.  Sold by the case.  There is a 2 case minimum requirement but it does not have to be the same product.  You can mix and match products. We currently have a

10 CBD Oil Tinctures per case

8 CBD Salves per case.

We currently offer 750, 1000 and 1500 mg Tinctures.

600mg - 1000mg Salves.






Tincture       With Sativa Queen labels     Without Labels    (Use your own label)


750mg Tincture   -   $25 per bottle.                           $24


1000mg Tincture -   $30 per bottle .                          $29


1500mg  Tincture -  $35 per bottle.                           $34









Salve                     With Labels             Without Labels


600 mg Salve            $30 -  per 2 oz  tin                   $29

                                  $49 -  per 4 oz  tin                   $48

1000 mg Salve          $33 -   per 2 0z  tin                  $32

                                  $52 -   per 4 oz  tin                  $51








We currently off 7 varieties of Salve:



Aches and Pains -  600 mg - 2 oz / 1200 - 4 oz


Sore Muscles      -   1000 mg 2 oz / 2000 mg - 4 oz


Lavender and Peppermint -  600 mg - 2 oz / 1200 mg - 4oz


Calming Blend  -  600 mg - 2 oz / 1200 mg - 4 oz

Luxurious Lemon - 1000 mg - 2 oz / 2000 mg - 4 oz


Inflammation - 1000 mg - 2 oz / 2000 mg - 4 oz


Basic - 1000 mg - 2 oz / 2000 mg - 4 oz



You can view our full selection of CBD Salve here.

We can offer a  further discount of 10% off the final price for those that purchase 5 cases or more.







We offer fast and reliable shipping.  Please allow up to 7 days for your order to be prepared and shipped.

Shipping will be calculated after we receive your order and location.  We only charge what the shipping company charges, so you won't be overcharged for shipping.   Delivery is possible if you live in the Brazos Valley area.

If you belong to a tax-exempt company please send your tax exemption papers to  info@cbdandhempemporium to avoid being taxed. 




Please fill out the contact form below if you have any questions or are ready to make an order and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. If you do not belong to a company, please just put  'individual" in the company information slot. If you are ready to make an order please be as detailed as possible and make sure you have read the information above, an invoice will be sent to your contact email with final pricing and shipping information. Once the payment is made we will get started on your order and have it shipped between 2-7 days.  Please allow another 3 days for your products to arrive.  We can also be reached at 979-492-5216. 

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